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Rethinking Giving Tuesday 2022: Part Two

If you’ve not yet read the first part of our 2022 Giving Tuesday strategy, consider clicking here to read it first.

Now that you’ve identified your objective (or objectives) for Giving Tuesday, we have prepared this list of 10 Tips & Tricks to boost your Giving Tuesday strategy for 2022.

Few organizations will have the latitude to deploy all of these suggestions, but perhaps you already are doing a few of them and you can identify another few to incorporate this year.

  1. Work ahead, it makes all the difference! From creating collateral, assembling prospect lists and beyond, doing Giving Tuesday to the best of your ability takes time.

  2. Segment your donors so that they receive the message that best speaks to them.

  3. Rather than transactional giving, leverage Giving Tuesday to build your culture of philanthropy.

  4. You don’t have to do this alone! Engage others to help you, perhaps board members, your development committee, staff and volunteers.

  5. Giving Tuesday is a specific date after Thanksgiving, but you could do a special day, week or other period of time for a discreet campaign.

  6. Leverage video. Leverage video. And leverage video!

  7. Use social media to drive your engagement, but if you’re soliciting a gift, be sure that you’re capturing all of your donor data while minimizing processing fees. It may make the most sense to process gifts through your typical giving platform.

  8. Do you have company logo wear or T-shirts? Invite your board, volunteers and staff to all wear it on the day while telling others about your organization.

  9. Use your calendar to hold yourself (and your colleagues) accountable.

  10. Remember to follow-up with your Giving Tuesday donors, just as you would other donors, to express gratitude and show their impact.

Lastly, we’ve included the following PDF of 10 Giving Tuesday Tips & Tricks. Consider sharing this with your executive director, development committee chair or board chair to begin a conversation about your 2022 strategy and engaging them in its realization.

Click here to download:

Cape Fletcher Associates Giving Tuesday Tips & Tricks 2022
Download PDF • 44KB

Cape Fletcher Associates

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