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Rethinking Giving Tuesday 2022: Part One

Giving Tuesday 2022 - - November 29, 2022 - - is just two months away.

Did it sneak up on you this year? Are you ready? And how are you making this year stand out from previous years?

If your nonprofit is like many others, you’ve been taking part in Giving Tuesday for the past number of years. In fact, 2022 marks the 10th year for this day of giving.

Might now be the perfect moment to refresh and better leverage Giving Tuesday for your organization?

Before building your strategy, we encourage you to first determine what is your objective. In fact, we suggest that you literally, really and truly, treat yourself to an autumnal beverage (pumpkin spice latte anyone?) with pen and paper in-hand to write down your exact objective for Giving Tuesday 2022.

A few possible ideas could be:

  • Maybe you’re looking to secure first-time, lower-level donations.

  • Perhaps you’re wanting to recapture (I love the term “reignite”) lapsed donors from the prior 3 years who did not give yet this year.

  • Maybe you’re seeking second-mile gifts from your existing base of donors.

  • Maybe you have a specific, discrete project or need that is within your budget (i.e., buying a new van, paying for the inaugural year of a new program) you’re looking to underwrite.

The reason we think it’s so vital to first identify what your objective(s) is/are is because you have limited time, budget and staffing. Plus, your donors have a lot coming into their inboxes on Giving Tuesday and in the days leading up to it, so it helps to be intentional.

Consider for a moment the immense planning that goes into a capital campaign, gala event or even your annual fund strategy. We create a detailed case statement, map out the pre-campaign phase, silent phase and public public phase. Matches are secured and leveraged. And of course, there’s a robust PR strategy surrounding the roll-out of a special campaign.

In much the same way, adding that same level of intentionality to your Giving Tuesday strategy is likely to save you last-minute headaches while also more fully leveraging the occasion for the benefit of your nonprofit.

After you’ve identified your key objective(s) for Giving Tuesday, review this list of Top 10 Tips & Tricks to up your Giving Tuesday game.

Cape Fletcher Associates

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