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Holiday Card 2022: Incorporating "Us" Into Our Work

Art - - nearly all forms of it - - has played a significant role our lives since we were youth.

John grew-up playing the piano, singing in the Choir now and then, and he was even a sousaphone player. (Little-known fact!) He's also enjoyed creative writing over the years, and certainly spends no small amount of time exploring the culinary arts.

Michael started playing the piano at age 7, and went on to earn degrees in pipe organ performance and conducting. He spent time in many-a-pit-orchestras for musical theater productions over the years. He still plays the piano at home throughout the week, and now and then will take a gig out and about.

Both Michael and John are on various boards of directors, including John serving on the board at The Cabaret in Indianapolis, and Michael on the Newfields Board of Governors and also at The District Theatre which focuses on works associated with underrepresented communities.

All this to say, art - - no matter the form in which you may consume it: fine arts, creativity, music, theater, writing, museums, and so forth - - plays a big role in our life. It keeps us on our toes, it challenges our thinking and expands our horizon. Also, it's oftentimes entertaining and even fun!

Each year we commission a new work of art which to feature on the holiday cards we mail just after Thanksgiving. It's a way of us acknowledging the importance of new art being created, and also celebrating the artistic gifts of others.

We are beyond honored to tell you about the art and featured artist of our 2022 holiday card.

Emily Litsey's sublime work speaks to the beauty of this time of year. That delicate and intricate beauty that is all around us, if only we take a moment to pause and observe it.

In addition to being a gifted artist, Emily also is an educator in the Indianapolis area and helps young people discover their creativity and their voice through art. Her family is the brains and brawn behind Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Shop in Fletcher Place, and Emily and Michael even grew-up together in Lafayette. As if that weren't enough already, John commissioned for Michael a mixed-media work by Emily some 15 years ago as a surprise gift!

We are grateful to Emily and we acknowledge her artistic talent! We are honored to have her beautiful art in our home this holiday season and we are eager to share it with you.

Happy holidays,

Cape Fletcher Associates

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