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Commissioned artwork for our 2023 holiday card

Each year for the past six or seven years, we’ve commissioned a work of art that is featured on the front of our holiday cards. Rather than simply purchasing a stack of cards from the store around the corner, we’ve found great joy in getting to know artists through this commissioning process.

For our 2023 holiday card, we turned to our friends (and client) at GANGGANG for advice on possible artists with whom we might collaborate this year.

And wow, let us tell you: Jingo de la Rosa is a remarkable human, an artist whose refreshing approach both makes us think while also electrifying us. He’s been an honor to work with and for us to learn from during this process.

Jingo created for this project a work titled “Kalapati,” which translates in English as “dove” from the artist’s native language Tagalog.

A white dove, wings spread, against a black backdrop.
"Kalapati" by artist Jingo de la Rosa

Just sit for a moment with the image of the dove.

What does the dove mean to you? What does its texture bring to mind? How might the meaning of a dove have changed from prior years to this year in your mind?

Jingo’s generosity of talent encouraged us to pause, to take stock of many things, and to look both inward for self and outward for community. Thank you, Jingo, for your gift.

We wish each of you - - family, friends, clients, community leaders, creatives, creators, thinkers, doers, talkers, listeners - - the peace of the dove and the lift from its wings this holiday season and in the years to come.

Happy Holidays,

John & Michael

Cape Fletcher Associates

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