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The Power Of PTO

Are you hearing what we’re hearing?

No, it’s not the sizzle of summertime. It’s the scuttle among those in the development profession about staff change (said another way: departures) and staff burnout as many communities emerge from (and others continue battling with) the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our recent blog post touched on possible changes facing the philanthropic sector, and this post offers a straightforward opportunity to refresh and help retain your development team members.


Use it.

We could stop this blog entry right there, but it appears as though some of us in philanthropy need a skosh more urging than seems logical to use our well-earned PTO.

Social sector organizations innovated in big ways during the pandemic. And yet, it cannot stop there. The future health of our organizations depends upon continued innovation, and that flows from a refreshed, energized staff.

We recommend you enable members of your development team to use the PTO they have earned. Further, when they take PTO, respect their time away - - for one thing, hold-off on emailing them until they’re back in the office. Still further, consider making use of your PTO as well: This models to your staff that it’s ok to unplug, step away from your work. Leadership by example.

Summertime: A time we think of cookouts, a road trip to visit family, maybe a hike or camping in a state park. The season also offers a reminder to step away from your work, recharge your batteries, and to support your staff in doing so as well.

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