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From day-one, Cape Fletcher Associates has been all about relationships: meaningful relationships with our clients, while enabling effective, philanthropic-centered relationships between our clients and their donors. Relationships take various forms, no doubt. But chief among the characteristics of lasting relationships is a pledge to listen at least as much as you speak. 


As Cape Fletcher looks toward the new year ahead, we could not be more pleased to announce Principal and Co-Founder John Mainella joins us full-time this December. After a thrilling three years with Lessonly, helping to build their enterprise account management team and watching the company grow exponentially through acquisition, John returns to his roots and brings with him an even deeper perspective on donor and client relationships.

If you’ve ever met John for a coffee or lunch, you probably know that it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without him running into someone, catching-up on a given topic, and likely (when pandemic and the 6-foot rule permitting) sharing a big hug. Heck, whenever we’re on a flight to or from somewhere, it seems he knows at least one person on that cramped plane and strikes up a conversation!

“We’re not just about providing first-rate philanthropic counsel to our clients, we’re committed to doing so as genuine partners on their development journey,” shares John. “We are an extension of your team - an extra set of hands, eyes, and voices to help achieve your goals.”

For a company that focuses on relationships, the opportunity to have Mr. Relationship himself join Cape Fletcher full-time isn’t merely a growth opportunity for us, it’s a chance to lean more fully into one of our core values. 

Reach out to John, see what he’s jazzed about in his new and next professional chapter. And be sure to share what you’re cooking or drinking this winter – we all know he’s always up to talk wine or food!


John’s email is:


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